What type of fabric is used?

Quilts: pre-washed 100% organic cotton sateen with a semi-gloss finish. Thread count: 142 x 80. Certified organic cotton by Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS). Peroxided white.

Blankets: pre-washed 100% organic cotton interlock. 5.8 oz per square yard. Certified organic cotton by Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS). Knitted in the USA.

Pillow Covers: pre-washed 100% organic cotton sateen with a semi-gloss finish. Thread count: 142 x 80. Certified organic cotton by Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS). Peroxided white.

Tote Bags: pre-washed cotton linen blend canvas 6.2 oz. per yard. Thread count: 100 x 48.

Fabric: pre-washed 100% organic cotton sateen with a semi-gloss finish. Thread count: 142 x 80. Certified organic cotton by Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS). Peroxided white.

How should I care for my quilt/blanket?

Machine wash warm or cool on a gentle/delicate setting, using phosphate-free detergent. Phosphate-free detergent will help to prevent fading and prolong the life of your quilt/blanket. Line dry out of direct sunlight if possible, or dry on a low setting in your dryer. Do not dry clean, bleach or iron. Washing your quilt/blanket as little as possible will also help to prolong it’s life and prevent fading.

What type of inks are used to print the fabrics?

The inks used to print on our fabrics are water based pigments which are significantly more eco-friendly than other printing methods, which use acids and thinners to ensure the colors adhere to the fabrics. No dyes are used in the printing process. The pigments are not manufactured with any animal byproducts nor are they tested in any way on animals. Because our fabrics are printed using water based pigments, colors may fade over time (see recommended care tips above to prolong the life of our products and prevent fading).

What type of batting is used in the quilts and how thick is it?

The batting (squishy stuff between the front and back fabric layers) used in Pitter Patterned quilts is made with 100% certified organic cotton. The batting is bonded to resist fiber migration and clumping. Our cotton batting is non-allergenic and has a loft height of 1/4″ (we think it’s the perfect weight for warmth without overheating your little one). It is unbleached and crafted in the USA.

How are the quilts quilted?

Our quilts are machine quilted in bright thread that coordinates with the selected fabrics. A longer stitch length mimics that of hand quilting and looks lovely after being washed. Quilting patterns vary depending on the quilt design.

Is the fabric in your products flame retardant?

No, the fabrics we use in our products have not been treated to be flame retardant, please keep away from fire.

Why is organic cotton more expensive than traditional cotton?

Organic cotton farming can be more expensive than traditional because of the measures that need to be taken to discourage pests (instead of spraying pesticides). Harvesting is also often done by hand and this extra time and effort results in a product that is a bit more expensive. We think the benefits outweigh the extra cost and hope you do too! For more information about organic cotton, see our Why Organic? page.

Are your products made in the U.S.A.?

Yes, all of our products are made in Roseville, California. The fabrics and batting we use in our products are also made in the USA. Our threads are manufactured in the Netherlands (but ordered from a U.S. company), as colorful organic thread options manufactured in the USA are scarce.

Can I use Pitter Patterned fabric in products for sale?

Fabric purchased from Pitter Patterned can be used to make products for sale commercially only if the volume of each individual item (one product consists of one item, variations in color, pattern or size do not constitute an additional item) produced in a year does not exceed 200. If you have questions about using our fabric in your product, please contact us.

How close are the colors on the website to the actual product?

The color swatches used throughout our site are the same colors we send to be printed. However, there will be minor differences from a piece of fabric printed with inks vs. a computer screen. Colors will vary depending on your monitor and the settings of your monitor. If you would like a more accurate representation of our colors, please order our swatch sample.


Can I order a quilt and add the name later?

Our quilts are printed much like a photo would be, the medium is different (fabric instead of paper) but it works in much the same way. We send the artwork for the fabric once and the entire piece of fabric is printed all at the same time. The names are not added later, they are printed along with the rest of the design, not embroidered.

What is a digital proof?

When you order one of our personalized/customized products we recommend you also purchase a digital proof (found in the “add-ons” on each product page), which is a high resolution pdf via email that will show you what your finished product will look like. This includes any custom text, color selections and photos you have chosen for your product. We will not proceed with printing your order until we have received a reply with approval on the digital proof. The time taken in reviewing the digital proof will prolong the production time by the same number of days. Digital proofs are sent within 48 hours of your purchase. If you have requested changes be made to the design, additional digital proofs can be purchased here. Please remember to add hello@pitterpatterned.com to your address book so you are sure to receive your digital proof and purchase receipt in a timely manner.

Please note: once your digital proof approval is received, your order cannot be cancelled or changed.

What do I get if I order my quilt with a wallhanging sleeve?

If you purchase the add-on for a wallhanging sleeve with your crib sized quilt (our wallhangings come standard with this option, there is no need to purchase it in addition to your item) you will receive your item with 3-4 sleeves on the back so a dowel or furring strip (not included) can be inserted for hanging on your wall. The opening can accommodate a dowel up to 1/2″ in size, but we recommend using 3/8″ or smaller to hang your quilt. The sleeves are hand stitched to the back of the quilt and are not stitched underneath the edging, so should you choose to remove them at a later point a simple seam ripper can do the job without any harm to your quilt.


Do you take orders over the telephone?

We do not currently take orders over the phone. If you have questions about ordering please contact us.

What if I can't find the exact color I want?

While we have a wide variety of colors to choose from, we can’t offer every color. If you are trying to match a particular color please purchase the “custom colors” add-on found on each product page under “add-ons.” We will then contact you to discuss your custom colors and create the perfect product for you. The custom colors add-on only needs to be purchased once if you are using the same custom colors on multiple products.

What emails will I receive after ordering from Pitter Patterned?

You will receive two emails regarding your order; one when your order is placed to confirm that the order has been received, and another with tracking information when your order has shipped (if you purchased a digital proof you will also receive a digital proof email). If you signed up for an account or subscribed to our email list, you will receive periodic emails about new products and promotions. You can unsubscribe at any time in your account settings, or at the bottom of each email.

Do you offer swatches?

We offer color swatches in the add on section of the shop, here. The swatch sample includes all 36 colors used in our products. The swatches are printed on the same fabric used for our quilts and pillow covers. Colors will be very similar on other products (blankets, cotton interlock fabric) but may differ slightly due to the differences in the fabrics.


What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept Paypal, which means you can use your Visa, Discover, Mastercard, American Express, or Paypal Credit.

Do you charge taxes on orders?

Taxes are calculated for each shipping address total based on the state the order is being shipped to. We will add all applicable sales tax to orders shipped in California. You may be required to pay applicable sales / use tax in your particular state, please check with your state’s government for more information.


How long do orders take to arrive?

Because our products are completely custom and made to order it takes us a bit longer to get your goodies to you. Standard processing time is 10 business days. We must wait to have the fabric printed before we can assemble your order. We will always try to have your order to you in as little time as possible, and will ship your order immediately even if it is running ahead of schedule. Please choose an expedited shipping option if you need your order quickly. Let us know if you need your order by a particular date and we may be able to accommodate the request.

If you need something even sooner, try shopping our ready to ship items, we can ship them out immediately and they are available at discounted rates!

Do you ship internationally?

We ship internationally to Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Ireland, Japan, Mexico, New Caledonia, New Zealand, Spain and United Kingdom. Shipping estimates for international shipping can be obtained during the checkout process once your address has been entered.

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