About Us

Our History

PortraitWith over eight years of experience in the graphic design industry, and as a proud holder of the title “Mom,” creating beautiful heirloom keepsakes for families has become an ultimate dream come true for me. I’m Jennifer Kesler, Mom, Graphic Designer, Quilter, and Founder of Pitter Patterned. It’s an honor to have you on the site and browsing through the products!

My mother has always been a role model of mine, and I have many fond memories over the years of learning how to sew and quilt under her expert instruction. It’s a hobby that was passed down to her from her mother. With a love for quilting and sewing and a natural eye for design, I pursued an education and career in graphic design. Throughout my years as a graphic designer, my work gave me the chance to explore different techniques and mediums while earning awards and pushing my talents to the limits.

Pitter Patterned was born in 2012 out of a desire to take my talents and share the creations that are so precious to my family with families all across the world. There’s nothing better than seeing my 18 month old daughter’s eyes light up as I show her a finished quilt! Each day I get to craft bright, friendly products that kids and parents love to have in their homes. And, as I receive orders, it is such a special process to customize each piece with names, photos, colors and dates that are special to my customers. It makes working so meaningful and fun!

I’ve always been conscious about the environment and the materials/products I select for my family. When it comes to my quilting and Pitter Patterned, I apply those same standards. All of the products found on Pitter Patterned are made from 100% certified organic cotton. Our fabrics go the extra mile and use water-based inks instead of harmful dyes or chemicals. Each time my daughter wraps herself in one of the quilts I made for her, I can smile knowing that she’s wrapped in a safe, non-toxic and incredibly cozy quilt. And it’s such a pleasure to offer customers this same peace of mind.

Each quilt, blanket, pillow or other product purchased from Pitter Patterned is proudly made by hand in sunny California. By choosing to buy a handmade quilt, you’re supporting a local American small business and an American family. Please feel free to reach out with any questions regarding the company or the products listed on the site. I’ll do my best to respond to you right away.

Jennifer Kesler, Owner